Ils arrivent (Les Hommes Minutes)

Official video, better experienced in HD! Song off our debut EP.

  • Music by Garage Blonde
  • Lyrics by Jean Palomba
  • Directed by Matthieu Baillard
  • Edited by Laure Temperville

Electric Light - PJ Harvey cover

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her album Is This Desire album, here is a French cover of PJ Harvey's Electric Light.

  • Lyrics & music : Polly Jean Harvey
  • Adapted by : Jean Palomba
  • Arranged by : Garage Blonde
  • Directed & edited by : Garage Blonde


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Debut EP available

Garage Blonde's debut 4-track EP, available May 18, 2018 as CD and download.

  1. Sourd et absent
  2. Sue & Syd
  3. J'me souviens presque
  4. Ils arrivent (les Hommes Minutes)
  • Mathilde Blonde: vocals, guitar, harmonium, keyboard
  • Nicolas GB: bass, guitars, drum machine, vocals
  • Music: Garage Blonde
  • Lyrics: Jean Palomba
  • Recording, mix, mastering: La Fraiseraie électrique
  • Artwork: Garage Blonde.
  • Raw kraft cardboard cover, linocut.
  • Limited handcrafted series, 200 numbered copies.

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The lyrics

Handwritten lyrics of Sourd et absent
Sourd et absent
Handwritten lyrics of Sue & Syd
Sue & Syd
Handwritten lyrics of J'me souviens presque
J'me souviens presque
Handwritten lyrics of Ils arrivent (les Hommes Minutes)
Ils arrivent (Les Hommes Minutes)
Handwritten lyrics of Ce qu'il faut
Ce qu'il faut


Upcoming gigs

  • end-of-residency concert at La Moba, Bagnols-sur-Cèze (30)
    w/ Elastocat (free).

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Look back

  • - Siestes Musicales de l'Université d'Avignon , France

  • - Jean Palomba, Garage Blonde @ , Avignon, France

  • - , Avignon, France

  • - Jean Palomba, Garage Blonde, Farouche Zoe & Les Garçons Electriques @ Greenrock & Poetry, Roquevaire, France

  • - , Briançon, France

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  • 18/05/2018 - Garage Blonde + Grandes Mothers - Release Party @ La Mesón, Marseille, France

  • 09/03/2018 - Garage Blonde + Nasser @ Les Passagers du Zinc, Avignon, France

  • 09/12/2017 - Garage Blonde + Melissmell & Matu @ La Gare, Coustellet, France

  • 08/10/2017 - Galerie Europ'art, Aigues-Mortes, France

The band

What's Garage Blonde?

Garage Blonde are Mathilde Blonde, vocals, guitar, keyboards, and Nicolas GB, bass, guitars, vocals, drum machine.

An intimate and strange road trip, a feverish and colorful pop, both minimalistic and enthralling. Garage Blonde are French, sing in French. Their songs flow on a poetic wave of electric overdrive.

picture of Mathilde Blonde

Mathilde Blonde

Vocals, guitar, keyboards

picture of Nicolas GB

Nicolas GB

Bass, guitars, vocals, drum machine

picture of Jean Palomba

Jean Palomba

Writer for the eyes and ears

The encounter

Nicolas, Mathilde and Jean meet in the end of 2015 during sessions of Croire au Jaguar, a radio creative workshop. They like to knead sound matter and words. Mathilde and Nicolas consider forming a duo. They search themselves and come to realize they need a base ground to root their wavy improvisations.

The spark

Nicolas and Mathilde ask Jean to lend his quivering and swarming writing. Jean agrees to provide words and images, and reworks the structure, shapes and flesh of his writing to adapt to the fluctuating soul of Garage Blonde.

  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde and Nicolas GB
  • Mathilde Blonde et Nicolas GB

Pro area

PDF EPK (in French)

Contacts :

Band: Mathilde and Nico


Production / management: Jean-Yves


International promotion / digital: Matthieu